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The Uses of SadnessThe Uses of Sadness

Why feeling sad is no reason not to be happy

Author: Karen Masman
Publisher: Allen and Unwin, Sydney 2009
RRP: AU$24.95

Also available as an eBook here.


This book is based on a radical idea:
Feeling sad is no reason not to be happy.


Feeling sad is a natural part of being human. Times of sadness do not necessarily mean that something is ‘going wrong’. Rather, they can be potent times of transition, retreat and reflection; times to feel the longing of the heart, to reassess our goals and assumptions, and to become our own best friend. Rather than automatically labeling our everyday experiences of sadness as depression, we can become increasingly skillful at learning how to harvest the soulful gifts that are hidden within them. And we can learn to share this invaluable understanding and practical skill with others, including the young people in our life. It could well make all the difference in the world!

Based on an original seven-phase cycle of ‘soulful sadness’, this book takes us on an insightful and soulful journey through the terrain of everyday sadness where we will learn how to recognise and engage with each of the phases. Filled with anecdotes and stories from both adults and children, this compassionate book offers powerful windows into the uses of sadness. Each chapter contains suggestions for simple and creative activities anyone can try. These delightful activities will help you make peace with sadness as one of the many flavours of a soulful and deeply rewarding life. The last part of the cycle will open up ways for taking your discoveries forward into your life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

'When we bring a steady, compassionate gaze to an experience instead of trying to simply make it go away, it is as if a 'soul substance' is released and made available to us.'


The Uses of Sadness is now availabe from all major bookstores across Australia and New Zealand, or internationally from the Allen and Unwin website, or even as an eBook here. You are welcome to email me with questions about the book or click here for questions & answers on the uses of sadness. You can find out a little more about me here.

Listen to an audio transcript of my interview on ABC's Life Matters, March 09 by clicking here.


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