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about Karen

Karen offers workshops, therapeutic courses for groups and individuals and is available as a speaker.

Uses of Sadness

Karen's new book, The Uses of Sadness is now available from all major bookstores across Australia and New Zealand, or internationally from the Allen and Unwin website.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions about the book.

Karen is keynote speaker at a symposium being held by the University of Dunedin School of General Practice (NZ) in September. The Symposium is called: ‘Mental Health: Are We On The Right Track?’ Please click here for further information.

You can also listen to an audio transcript of my interview on ABC's Life Matters, 23 March 09 by clicking here.



'Rather than experiencing our melancholy or sadness or the blues as a frightening illness, these times can be seen as full of potency and possibility. We may find ourselves wanting to take time to sit with our sadness, lean into it ... let it become soulful.'

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